I want to try show you another way of see a spectacular, mythical, eternal and magic city. From here I wish it etenal lifetime. Many historical remains on its streets. I state that citizen is very kind. You can feeling like at home. The best time is walking and be carried across the city. Well I leave you and enjoy it. Ask me, what do you think of them?

Tipical old town color houses in Rome and arcade of columns. That columns belong to Agripa’s Pantheon. Marco Vipsanio Agripa put in ordered build it in honor of each and every one gods. It was rebuild by Adriano in same place and similar framework.

Young Roman. Vatican Museum there’re a lot of them. You must spend a long time enjoy with them. Look at it and be close to perfection.

Symbol of power. He real name’s Cayo Julius Cesare Octaviano Augustus. He was the most important emperator.

Amazing !!!! Can see Coliseum Stones and listening its sound.

All stones in Coliseum have got say somethings.
To be continued....
By Inquisitormurciano.

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