Luxury and Glamor in Warzsaw.

If you want to see Warsaw by nigth, I'm going to show you it, this is the best place to be.
Amazing ! ! !

Luxury and Glamor "a Tutti plen". The Panorama Bar has got a striking wiews, confortable lounge chairs and design furnishing, candels, floral details, romantic and weak indirect lighting, rich material upholstery, two floors of glass, live music, Special great selecction of drinks, beers and wines. Even though you can taste a dessert menu.
Ah ! ! ! I almost forgot say ...Very kind barmaid and handsome barman. of course ! ! !

Sitting up there in from of glass wall...it's a kind of magic so you can touch the starry sky with your fingertips and enjoy the city night. you can feel to be on heaven.
Where can I find it ¡ ¡ ¡ Don't worry darling.

In front of Central Rail Station.
40 th fl Marriott Hotel.
65/79 Aleje Jerozolimskie.
Warsaw? That's in Poland. He he he.....
By hyo.2008.

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Raquel dijo...

por dior!!! qué nivel maribel!!
ALGuna foto de street style???

Raquel dijo...

your blog its great! i have had you in my links, congratulations!!!
i hope this up your visit counter as well!